A single lock of Danielle’s hair becomes a symbol for the fight against breast cancer.

Watch the story of "The World’s Most Precious Stone"

This diamond isn’t thousands of years old but it carries my story which is the story of millions of women with breast cancer.
Danielle Callaghan

Help make this diamond the world’s most precious stone

Because the more valuable this diamond becomes, the more we will be able to fund life-saving research against breast cancer.

How was The World’s Most Precious Stone made?

Hair and diamonds are made out of carbon. In nature carbon is compressed and heated during millions of years at the center of the earth to make a diamond. Lifegem ® recreated those natural conditions in a lab and turned a single lock of Danielle’s hair into a perfect 1.59 Carat diamond.

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Founded in 1993, Against Breast Cancer’s ultimate goal is to stop secondary breast cancer from claiming lives through prevention, earlier detection and new treatments.

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With the right funds and research, by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live. Raising this diamond’s value is raising hope for millions of patients.
Kelly Gibson - Head of Fundraising

Pascale Monvoisin, jewelry designer

Pascale has been creating jewelry for 10 years in her workshop in the heart of Paris. She designed and handcrafted a unique, beautiful gold necklace custom-made to carry the World’s Most Precious Stone.

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This gold necklace was designed to make Danielle’s diamond shine brighter than ever so it can carry her powerful message of hope.
Pascale Monvoisin

Diamond’s final value is

Throughout Pink October 2019, Danielle’s diamond helped raise
$124,578.59 to fund life-saving research against breast cancer.
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